Wednesday International camp

Today the day started Ding Ding, It was the horrible bell.

We got fully awake at yoga, with Ulle Bulle.

We stretched and went to breakfast.

After breakfast, we got to the “best” part which was cleaning.

After the cleaning we started our classes, which were shorter because of the trip later, we went to another class, and then ate a really good lunch. After the second lesson we also got to buy candy. People bought a lot of gummy-bears. After our third and final class, we took a 7 kilometer walk to the beach, which some people were really excited for (mostly because of the ice cream).

When we arrived we were all so happy to go swimming. We changed and jumped right in.

After a good swim we all bought ice-cream or milkshakes. We all enjoyed our cold desserts.

We went down to a pretty tree and took a group photo. Which you can find here ….


Then we got ready to go home. Which included having a good laugh.  We got safe home. Crossed all the roads, looking both ways.


At the camp, kit had made a lovely dinner, spaghetti Bolognese and a salad. After that we got cookies and popcorn. All of us had to get our brains thinking, we had to make the Summercamp song.

We did a cover of levitating by Dua lipa. We sang it a lot of times.

After that we sadly had to go to bed, but we are going to go out like a light because we are so tired.

 Salomé, Julia, Adam and Albert from Blue (middle) group.

We are cool (and very tired)