Today it is the 2. day of Scenekunst camp, we’ve been having a lot of fun acting, dancing, and singing not just in class but also very loudly between them! From those of us sitting in our rooms peacefully reading or screaming with the others to those of us singing our hearts out in the halls it’s been great fun for all of us. for those of us that are extra enthusiastic about singing or dancing there are also solos witch you can practice after class and perform Infront of your friends at the end of the week. Personally, I enjoyed our dance rehearsals the most thanks to our amazing dance teacher Amanda who made learning and doing the moves very fun for me. Normally, I would enjoy singing though I am not the best at it, but I am never laughed at or anything like no matter what. Everyone here is very nice and supportive and the teachers do a great job. Thanks to Chris and Ulle we can successfully act and sing our parts and they too are very supportive and pleasant to learn from. Other than them, the cook makes delicious meal’s each morning evening and night for us and are very considerate of vegetarians, vegans, and people of other unique dietary needs.

We help in the kitchen just enough to make it happen a bit faster without spoiling the meal.

After the meals, some nights we get to buy a bit of candy from a neat little cart we get to use 25kr. Each and tomorrow I’ve heard we get to buy ice creams from the beach.

To recap we’ve been having lots of fun here everyone is really nice, and I expect to be back again next year for more fun and play making out here at camp Scenekunst 

Daniel U, green group and Jasmin, Blue Group