Friday Blog

Today was the last full day of summer camp. As usual, we woke up to the horrible sound of the bell and we had yoga. After that we had breakfast and hour-long classes, where we mainly rehearsed for our shows. Right after lunch, where we all battled for the garlic bread, we watched The Red Group’s show: The Wiz. It was funny and entertaining- and put us all in a good mood for the rest of the shows. For dinner, our lovely Chef Kit made us some delicious burritos with some nacho chips with cheese. After that, we watched the Blue Group’s show: The Sound of Music. The Blue Group did a great job at making us laugh, which made us (the Green Group, aka the best group) more ready and psyched up for our show since we knew it would make everyone laugh.

We all were very excited for our dances, like Spooky Mormon Hell Dream, which was the group favorite because we got to tear Emil apart and push and pull him away, which we all enjoyed. We also loved the baptism scene, which was also crowd favorite, since it left them crawling with laughter.

After all the shows and solos, and all our voices were destroyed, our lovely teachers sang us a song that they wrote specifically for us. It was funny to watch them dance and goof around, especially Ulle Bulle.

We got the dumb idea to hurt our voices even more and have a disco party down in the drama tent. We jumped around, sang, and danced, some of us jumping on one leg since we had hurt the opposite one.

All in all, this summer camp week was one to remember, a week that will stay in our hearts forever.

We have made friends, laughed, cried, kept the teachers up past curfew (aka all night), and made so many inside jokes they would take up the whole page.

We will miss our friends during these days that we will count down, until the next summer camp.

We also can’t believe Jesus called him a …… !!!!

P.S- I am being forced to write this, but Ella performed like a champ! (Help us…!)


Written by: Chloe, Johanna, Emil, and Noah, Green Group.