Blog Thursday

We were really tired this morning, because we went on the trip to the beach yesterday and wrote the summercamp song till late. My left leg still hurts says Tuva. We did yoga with Christina, and was invaded by slugs! We had a delicious breakfast – toast and chocolate, cereal, juice and we went to drama. We put all the first act of The Wiz together with Ulle. It went amazing! Then we had lunch, with lots of pasta with meatsauce or vegetarian, cucumber, salad, water 🙂 Then we went to dance. We danced the summercamp dance waka waka, we finished Ease on down the road, and He’s the wizard with Amanda. Then we had Candy shop break, and I was serving (says Elsa)! The last class was singing and Chris song one of her own songs, called Carry me home. That was sooo good! It was amazing! I felt really sleepy, says Aanya and Lyra. We sang Ease on down the road and A Brand New day. We are all very nervous about tomorrow because we are all doing our shows.

 After Dinner which was tarteletter with chicken this evening we have had fun, we swung on the swing, we had extra drama to do act 2,  and we tried all of our costumes.

 Aanya is nervous as she will sing a solosong at the show, Elsa is also singing solo, and dancing with Lyra. And Lyra is also singing. Tuva is nervous about her lines, she has a lot!

With Love from Aanya, Lyra, Tuva and Elsa from Red group.