Blog Monday 4th July, International Sommercamp

Yesterday, Sunday the 3rd of July we arrived at SceneKunst international Summercamp and introduced ourselves to the other kids and our lovely teachers. We were split up into our different groups including our food groups and our groups we attend classes with. After that, we had small 30-minute introduction classes with the teachers. After we had delicious dinner, we did evening activities, which involved running, egg run, a dance competition, etc.…

All of these activities were about teamwork and having fun. After the activities, we slept. The following day (4th of July) we had normal classes, got scripts and roles in drama, learned the dances and songs from the musicals we are doing. In-between classes there was lunch and a candy shop run by the children, we also got this year’s summer camp merch which includes a water bottle, tote bag and a green scene kunst summer camp shirt.

When we were done with classes, we had some free time which was the first time were all the children could really start talking to each other and get to know each other. For our evening activity we made a fire and started making “snobrød” there was also an impro workshop. A few people also had solo singing if you had signed up for solo singing. Then sadly it was goodnight.

Written by Lea, Ergi and Ella Blue group, and Green