Singing, Dance, and Drama!

Join a delightful community and delve into all the disciplines of performing arts. In our classes, we practice various acting techniques, singing, voice training, movement, and much more. There’s room for everyone, and together we create experiences and narratives that extend far beyond the stage.

Meet Ronja

Ronja’s experience with SceneKunst is filled with happiness, singing, wonderful friendships, and plenty of laughter, blended with a touch of seriousness and anticipation as the big, end-of-season performance approaches. Click on the video and hear Ronja and her parents talk about their experiences.

Personal stories

The sense of community is highly valued, and many find lifelong friends. Click on the video and hear our students and parents share their personal experiences with SceneKunst.

“Scenekunst is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.”
- Simon, student

Facts about the teaching

You will be divided into age groups, so you are always placed in a class with peers of similar age. Some students have extensive experience, while others are completely new to theatre. There is room for everyone.

There are 33 class sessions per year, divided into 2 semesters. Each session consists of 1 hour of Drama, 1 hour of Dance, and 1 hour of Singing.

Each semester concludes with a performance at a professional theatre: a Christmas concert and a grand summer musical production.


You will receive instruction from professionally trained actors, and the training is based on recognized acting techniques.

We work on shaping your character by utilizing imagination and thoughts, ensuring that you stay within the context of the story.

Moreover, you will develop skills that will transform your life and everyday experiences beyond the theater. With increased self-confidence and enhanced communication abilities, you will have greater influence and create positive changes for yourself and those around you.


We assist students in discovering their natural voice and nurture their joy of singing. We focus on harmony and the ability to listen to one another, while also practicing techniques that involve the integration of body and movement to support the voice.

All singing sessions are divided into warm-up exercises, technique training, and singing.


Our dance classes are based around jazz and ballet, and we create choreographies to various music genres, from musicals to pop.

The dance classes consist of warm-up exercises, technique training, floor exercises, and choreography. Through dance, we enhance our emotional awareness, creativity, and physicality, while also emphasizing elegance as a vital element in dance. Moreover, students learn to maintain focus while following instructions, rhythm, and dance steps.