No Audition Required

Do singing and dancing bring you joy? Would you like to be part of an innovative theater school with weekly classes? Come and join us for a complimentary trial day.

All are welcome, and while our experienced instructors have great aspirations, we don’t have any prerequisites for your skill level or talent. That’s why there’s no audition required. All we ask is that you find it enjoyable, have a desire to learn, and are open to being challenged.

At the end of the trial day, you’ll have the chance to sign up for a regular class.

Introduction to SceneKunst

Join us and experience the wonder as imagination flourishes and captivating stories take shape. Build great friendships, pursue your passions, and feel the exhilaration of stepping onto the stage. At SceneKunst, this is the essence of life.

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At SceneKunst, we provide professional training in singing, dancing, and drama to over 1200 children and young people. Our classes are held once a week at multiple locations throughout the country.

Mini School (Ages 4-7)

In the Mini School, classes are held once a week for 1 hour and 45 minutes. During this time, students engage in half an hour of drama, half an hour of singing, and half an hour of dancing. We also incorporate elements such as drums, rhythms, and motor skills development. Throughout the semester, parents have the opportunity to attend school showcases.

Theatre School (Ages 7-18)

The Theater School offers 3-hour classes once a week, with one hour dedicated to drama, one hour to singing, and one hour to dancing. Additionally, we organize workshops led by external performers, covering a wide range of captivating disciplines such as mask work, clowning, acrobatics, ballet, stage combat, and improvisation..



Hellerup: February 3rd 2024

Vesterbro: February 3rd 2024

Østerbro: February 3rd  2024



Solrød:  February 3rd 2024

Hørsholm: February 3rd  2024

Roskilde: February 3rd  2024

Odense: February 3rd  2024

Hellerup: February 3rd  2024

Lyngby: February 3rd  2024

Vesterbro: February 3rd  2024

Østerbro: February 3rd  2024