Building confidence through theatre

SceneKunst is a place where reserved children step into the spotlight, and lively ones develop focus and connection. It’s a nurturing environment where happiness grows, and everyone finds a safe space to express themselves.

At Mini School, our objective is to empower students to confidently perform in front of others and participate in acting, dancing, and singing activities.


There is one weekly lesson of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Time is divided into half an hour of drama, half an hour of singing, and half an hour of dance.

Every year, we organize showcases for parents and family members. We take into account all skill levels and ensure that everyone is included and has a fantastic experience. Additionally, the Mini School participates in the grand productions at the theater at the end of each season.


In drama lessons, we focus extensively on expressing emotions and creating portrayals of animals and humans. Music also plays a significant role, and we often blend storytelling with music and rhythm.

Our goal is to provide a space where individuals can feel comfortable taking the center stage, while also allowing space for others and enjoying the collaborative process of creating a story.


In the singing part of the lessons, our primary focus is to enjoy singing and embrace our natural voice. We practice breathing through the nose and involving the body in a natural manner. We use gestures and movements to learn new lyrics, and students get to exercise their imagination when creating a song.


At the Mini School, we seamlessly blend singing, drama, and dance to create an engaging and varied learning experience. While we prioritize ballet technique in each class, our focus is on fostering imagination, confidence, and expressive movement. We value spatial awareness and rhythm as essential elements across all age groups.

I would like to say thank you for creating such a great concept. Your classes has really helped our small guy to open up and develop. The foundation you’re creating now will help, him and us throughout his whole life.
Sandra Perlman Aisen, Parent

A day at Mini School

It is pure joy for both children, parents, and teachers when the many hours of rehearsals culminate in a stunning theater performance. Click on the video to get a sneak peak behind the scenes.