Engaging and Professional Instructors

Our instructors are all professionally trained and deeply passionate about imparting their knowledge and skills. Below, you can see the instructors who teach in Østerbro International.

Artistic Director

Pernille Egholm

Pernille is educated as an actor in Method Acting and Performance. Throughout her life, she has been involved with theater, singing, and dancing both on stage, in films, and TV series. She has also worked behind the scenes as a director, costume designer, and production manager.

Soley Danielsen

Sol is a trained Actor and Director from The Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts in London (2009-2013). The training focused on exploring Stanislavski's principles, classical theater, character development, and personal growth.

Stephanie Tessier

Stephanie has been dancing intensively for 6 years and has been a professional dance student for the past 2 years. She graduated from Sceneindgangen's 1-year full-time dance program in 2016.

Sofie Treu

Sofie graduated from Performing Arts School in Gothenburg in 2023, from which she has a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts. In 2020 she graduated from Talentskolen in Næstved from their Musical line and in 2019 she graduated from the Skuespillerakademiets intensive musical course.
Teacher, Mini School

Cathrine Engelberth Olsen

Cathrine completed her education as a Kaospilot in 2019 and, as part of her training, worked with children's theater in Denmark, New York, and Cambridge.