Engaging and Professional Instructors

Our instructors are all professionally trained and deeply passionate about imparting their knowledge and skills. Below, you can see the instructors who teach in Solrød.

Artistic Director

Ann Hølund

Ann graduated from a private theater school in Copenhagen in 2009. She is trained in Stanislavski's technique / Method Acting. She has many years of experience teaching and directing in both drama and dance.

Maria Jensen

Maria is a singer, songwriter, producer, and artist in her pop project 'DRA-MAMA'. She has recently completed her foundation course at MGK-Sjælland (Music High School Sjælland) and is currently attending 'Hotstepper Dance-education'.
Teacher, Mini School

Liza Westh-Larsen

Liza holds a Bachelor's degree in Drama and Theatre Arts from Kingston University London. As part of her education, Liza also taught children in drama, dance, and singing.