Engaging and Professional Instructors

Our instructors are all professionally trained and deeply passionate about imparting their knowledge and skills. Below, you can see the instructors who teach in Solrød.

Artistic Director

Jakob Svensmark

Jakob is originally trained as an actor from Copenhagen in 2013 and has since worked as an actor in a wide range of theater productions and musicals around the country.

Betina Nydal

Betina is a graduate of the Odense Acting School in 2014 and has subsequently worked at several Danish theaters, where she has dedicated her efforts to various roles, including playing the role of Kim the thug in "Gummi Tarzan" at Odense Teater.

Johanna Forsehag

Johanna is a trained dancer and choreographer from the Danish School of Performing Arts in 2020, and has since worked as an intern with the dance company Norrdans.
Teacher, Mini School

Emmy Wiegell Wallace

Emmy is a graduate of the Musical Theatre program at the Music Theatre Academy in Oslo (MTHS). She received training in singing, dancing (modern, jazz, tap, and ballet), and acting using the Stanislavski method.