Development and self-confidence through performing arts.

At SceneKunst, we have extensive experience in teaching both young and older children in all disciplines of performing arts. While singing, dancing, and acting are at the core, our primary goal is to instill self-confidence in the children, make them braver, and equip them with the tools to express themselves clearly and confidently. Additionally, we focus on concentration, active listening, and being in touch with their emotions.

At After School Care "Aktivhuset," we have greatly benefited from our collaboration with SceneKunst. The children dared to play their roles with more immersion and energy, and at the same time, we, as educators, received valuable advice throughout the process, which has encouraged us to think differently about theater. We highly recommend SceneKunst to other institutions focusing on theater, seeking inspiration and guidance.
SFO Aktivhuset, Næstved
Munkekærskolens After School Care had arranged SceneKunst for our annual 14-day program "Body and Movement." Both children and staff greatly enjoyed the dance instructor, Pernille, who got everyone out on the dance floor. Even our boys were in high spirits. Dancing took place every day, and all the children had the opportunity to express themselves on the dance floor.
Munkekærskolens SFO, Solrød