As we continue to grow it’s important we take the time to make sure we are still fulfilling our mission and vision.


Our mission is to inspire children through the performing arts and to give them experiences that enrich their lives, help them to achieve their full potential and show them that anything is possible.


Our vision is to be the best theatre school for children in the world.

Each and every student is equally important to us and all of our work is designed with this in mind. At the same time we are professionals and as anyone who has seen our shows will know, we are very ambitious. We also want to make sure we keep pushing our students to improve and achieve their potential.

Caroline Ibsen – Scene Kunst Roskilde 2009 – 2nd from the left.

Caroline Ibsen playing the leading role in Once On This Island – 2015.

How do we manage this process?

Most importantly, all of our students get to perform in our shows, have a speaking part as well as performing various songs and dances. With our musicals it’s one show that everyone performs together and the students understand the show will only be a success, if each and everyone one of us performs to our very best. This is what makes the process so amazing as everyone is fully engaged and focused on making the show great.

And when children are fully engaged that’s when they improve and achieve their potential. Then at the end of a successful production, when the students are receiving their applause, each and every one of us has contributed to its success, no one is left behind. And hopefully each and every student’s had a positive experience. Which means we have fulfilled our mission and are working towards our vision.

Of course to make the show great some students will be playing leading roles and many parents ask us

How do we choose the students for those roles?

Well it’s a big job and one we take very seriously, often spending many hours in casting meetings, discussing the possibilities.

We follow the following guidelines.

  1. How do we make the show great?
  2. How was their audition?
  3. How has their attitude been in class?
  4. Who’s well suited to certain roles?
  5. What role did they play last time?
  6. Are they ready for a leading role?
  7. If necessary can they manage a big solo number?

The last 2 points are very important as although we would like all of our students to play leading roles and to be able to always give new students an opportunity to do so, its not good when a student takes on a role that he or she is not ready for. It’s not good for their confidence or for the overall quality of the show. As I said it’s something we think long and hard about and always taking into account the fact that “each and every student is equally important to us”. I’m sure we don’t always get it right but we certainly always do our very best to do so.

And nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing a student develop over time into a capable actor, able to take on any leading role – which so many of our students do 🙂

But most important of all is our students gain positive thoughts about life and themselves from their experiences at Scene Kunst and have a lot of fun along the way 🙂

Sofie Sejling – 4th on the right. Scene Kunst Sydkysten 2008.

Sofie Sejling playing the leading role in Once on This Island – 2015.