A week full of fun

Join us for an exciting and fun-filled week full of singing, dancing, and drama. Immerse yourself in a journey of self-expression, skill enhancement, laughter, and joy, while forging lifelong friendships. Each day offers 5 hours of lessons catered to all students. On Wednesday, we embark on an exciting excursion, and to culminate the week, we’ll perform in front of family and friends.

Click the video to discover what we get up to.

Make friends for life

Spend the week with the most wonderful individuals and forge lifelong friendships. We refer to it as our SceneKunst-family. Here everyone bonds, enjoys themselves, and lends a helping hand across all age groups. Rest assured, if you don’t know anyone beforehand, you’ll swiftly become acquainted and feel right at home!

Who can participate?

Our day camps are for everyone aged 4 to 15 who love or are interested in trying their hand at theater and performing arts in general. Some of our participants already engage in drama, singing, or dancing in their free time, while for others, it’s a completely new experience. We help each other improve, and the most important thing is that you have the desire to try new things and have fun.

What's included in the price?

Included in the price are:

  • Instruction in drama, singing, and dance
  • Excursions and experiences in the local area
  • A delicious snack every day
  • You will receive a Summer Camp t-shirt and a bag with a goodie bag.
  • Showcase on the last day for family and friends.
  • A phone-free week, where you live in the moment and spend time with those around you. (All our camps are phone-free, and we believe it has a fantastic effect on atmosphere and camaraderie.)

The Theatre Camp does not include overnight stays. For accommodation, please see our Summer Camp.

What to expect?

At the camp, participants are divided into age groups represented by the red, blue, and green teams. These are the teams you’ll spend most time with during classes and rehearsals. Towards the end, the entire camp collaborates to create a captivating performance. Typically, we incorporate elements from various plays and musicals. Everyone is guaranteed at least one role to practice throughout the week, which will be showcased to parents and family on the final day along with all the songs and dances.

The instruction is tailored to different age groups, and the breaks are adjusted to meet the needs of the students, ensuring everyone has a fantastic, enjoyable, and thrilling week.