“You never fully appreciate what you had until you don’t have it anymore”.


One of the biggest challenges for all of us during these times is the lack of human connection. Our children, who miss their friends, us adults who miss our colleagues or older people who are missing the tender touch of their closest family members. The importance of human connection is becoming more apparent as each day in lockdown whittles away. The energy we get from each other is what makes us feel alive, what inspires us, what keeps us healthy both mentally and physically. Together we can make a difference, help each other, laugh our heads off, take on a new challenge, cry together, or simply just be together. But if this time has taught us anything, it is we underestimate the importance of human connection at our peril.


It has been a particularly difficult time for our children and young people as they have been separated from their friends, teachers and prevented from doing the activities they love. And instead, asked to spend almost their whole time on screens. As we parents know, limiting screen time is in normal circumstances a challenge but these days even more so as they are asked to live a virtual existence with very little human contact. Accepting the situation for what it is, going easy on them and trying to move outside as much as possible is the order of the day but what are the long-term effects of these lockdowns on their mental well-being, especially for those already living in challenging environments.

I would like to see more focus from our governments on the very real and lasting damage these times can have on our children. More resources need to be allocated to help them through this period and their mental well-being should be at the forefront of all government policy and decisions. Every experience a child has both good and bad will make an imprint on their future selves.


We love the work we do at SceneKunst and we miss all of our students very much. Just the fun of being together on Saturday’s, the connection we all have. The joy of being creative, dancing, singing and acting. Working together on the next project, seeing the improvements our students make from week to week, inspiring each other and feeling a part of something bigger than ourselves. I believe the silver lining of this difficult time, will be when we all get back together when we get to show our work at the theatre and inspire each other to create extraordinary and unforgettable experiences for our families and friends. The joy of being on camp together. The chance to say hi, how are you on a Saturday morning or afternoon. The chance to connect and inspire each other. All these experiences, we currently miss so much, we will cherish them even more, they will have even more sense-data and meaning, we will realize just how lucky we are to be together doing what we love.


There will be a healing process for all of us and not least our children and young people. We will continue to create a secure, fun and inspiring environment for all of our students, somewhere they can be themselves and explore their creativity. Together we will continue to create memorable experiences and most importantly connect as fellow humans both young and old.


Maybe our work at SceneKunst will be more important than ever.


Wishing you all lots of love during this challenging time. We miss you all and can’t wait to see you again soon.


With Love.

Russell Collins

SceneKunst Co-Founder


Our mission is to inspire children through the performing arts: to give them experiences that enrich their lives, to improve their confidence and self-awareness, to help them to achieve their full potential, and to show them their dreams can come true.


Our Vision is to change lives through theatre.