First of all, we were woken up by the annoying bell. But we soon got in a better mood, because we were doing the yoga outside. It was really relaxing getting out of the tent, getting fresh air (without any wasps), and listening to the birds singing. We went through our usual morning routine, but sadly there wasn’t any scrambled eggs for breakfast :’(. Then we had shorter lessons than normally and earlier lunch. This was because we were going on a trip to a berry farm. We walked for about an hour, and got lead in the wrong direction multiple times :D. After a long journey through the infinite woods and stretching fields, surrounded by mighty animals like killer mosquitoes and majestic horses… We arrived at Rokkedysse Gård. You could pick your own berries, but that was not our intention. We wanted ice cream and cookies (or most of us did). We sat at the benches outside and ate. We then walked a shorter route back home, playing song games and gossiping. We then ate dinner, but halfway through, a couple of people started dancing. It spread to the entire room, and soon almost everyone were dancing on the chairs and tables… oopsies… After dinner, it was time for writing the summer-camp song. We wrote it to the tune of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys (If you want to hear this masterpiece, come listen to it Saturday). Then we carried on with our masterclasses, and got a surprise. Dessert, another ice cream! Some returned to the masterclasses, while some got ready for bed. It’s been a great day, but now we have to get to bed because we have to get ready to wake Srushti up for her birthday.  

 Written by Helena, Livia, Victoria, Selma and Mynte (Blue group).