Sunday 7/7

Hi parents, mums and dads  

So far we have been having a fantastic time, here at summer camp. We hope you are all doing well to. 

(In genreal) As you know you dropped us off at the hostel. First they let us all get settled into the dorms and then let us say our goodbyes to you. The first thing we did was the teachers gave us an assembly for the rules and the schedules/timings. Then right after we were sent out to do our first classes of the evening. Of singing drama and dance. After two classes we had a break and then we did our final class of the day. After that we had free time from 16:30-18:00. And then headed for food where somebody broke a glass. Everybody clapped and laughed it off. It was quite funny! Especially since none of the teachers realized for a few minutes and when they did they cracked up. After that we played games in our cooking groups from 1-6.  We started off with the patato and spoon race we have to come up and down a small little hill it was very fun and everyone was cheering on especally team 4 were shouting there ears off and they won that round. The second one was an orange race it was very hard for everyone and when the teachers demonstrated it we all cracked out laughing because they could barley do it themselves. Team 3 won that round. The next race was a piggyback race where someone ended up dropping the person on their back. Team 5 won that round. The winners in the end were group 4. After that we all ended up going to bed. Red group got read a story, some people went to sleep. Others couldn’t because they had the teachers flashlight shining in their eyes. 

Monday 8/7

Today we got ready, most people were just really tired from “Sleeping all nightThey also blasted music loudly into our ears. No one was asleep now! Then the thing we love the most yoga at 8am in the morning we did some meditation and then had some well deserved breakfast and once again this time someone broke a plate. We all laughed very hard. Then we headed off to our classes. Red group has started their production of The Little Mermaid, Blue group doing Wicked, and Green group doing Dear Evan Hanson. We continued to learn the camp dance and our own dances for our shows. In drama we got our parts for all of the productions and also played a few games. We also learned some of the songs we are going to sing and got some solos. After that we went to lunch. This time no one broke a plate, luckly! Soon after we left for our classes after we did that we had the sweet shop opening it was a very busy line we had a 30 minute break and then and then we went to are last class where most of us were sleepy especially people who stayed in emerald city after we had our free time to do whatever from 4:30pm = 6:00pm. Then we had dinner and after we were finshed we had more free time and then we got a orange shirt, a pen, 2 pieces of sweets and a bag. So now we enjoying are free time we are making bread over the fire, some of us even got to though the wood in and that was are day. We will be back tomorrow with some news bye bye from now!