It has always been my dream to be a professional actor and SceneKunst was there as my first step towards achieving that goal. The time I have spent at SceneKunst has given me countless invaluable experiences with working within theatre. I attended SceneKunst for over three years, and each and every semester brought with it, new and exciting lessons and challenges. Whether it was the many different scenes and styles of our Christmas demo-shows, or the full-fledged musicals performed at a professional theatre in the summer; we were never short of rehearsing to do.

I initially came for the acting side of the classes, but quickly grew to love the singing and dancing as well. They have given me a very broad spectrum in the forms of theatre that I can perform. Before coming to SceneKunst, I would never have thought of myself being able to sing on stage as anything but a minor part, but now I feel comfortable with any singing role that may be thrown my way.

SceneKunst gave me incredible opportunities to perform shows with them on the stage of professional theatres such as the theatre in Albertslund. This is a picture from one of our productions there, of the musical Guys and Dolls, where I had the honour of playing the role of Nathan Detroit.

Below is another picture where we are performing on the very prestigious stage of Det Ny Teater.

All this training and these experiences have helped me get offers from several different theatre courses at universities all around the UK. I am currently enrolled in the theatre course at Richmond the American International University in London, where I am continuing with my training in becoming an actor. I attend classes on things such as Voice, Stage Combat, Acting Practitioners and Theorists, Movement, and even some Directing. Within these classes I immediately felt at home, since all the skills I learned at SceneKunst have helped to prepare me, and make me understand the sort of work I need to do and what is required of me.

Due to my prior experience and with the professionalism I learned from SceneKunst, within my first semester I have already become one of the leaders of our student drama society here at Richmond where we do our own shows and productions.

More than anything, SceneKunst has helped prepare me for what it is like working in theatre and a creating a proper show. Working as a team with your fellow actors and doing your part, working backstage, being professional, moving props on and off stage as you are needed to, etc. These are just some of such skills that I have learned from my time at SceneKunst and they are among the most valuable skills you can learn to prepare yourself for being a performer. At SceneKunst it was always very easy to work together with your fellow actors, since you were surrounded by people who all became your friends. It felt like we were one big family and we could do anything together.

Andrew Christiansen