Is theatre more important than ever?

At SceneKunst we love everything about theatre. If we could spend our life locked in a theatre, we gladly would 🙂

Theatre creates it’s own unique energy and opens up a world full of possibilities. Just like 5 minutes before a show starts, when no one in the world knows for sure what will happen? That anticipation is unique to live performance and you just can’t match it.

It’s no surprise that we believe theatre can give invaluable skills to children. Working on a show from the very beginning and seeing it through to a successful conclusion teaches us so much. Knowing that hard work, togetherness and dedication can take you where you want to go is a great lesson. And one our students can hopefully take with them throughout their lives.

But is theatre more important than ever?

There is something fantastically human about watching people tell a story in real time. Even though technology is great and it allows us to do so many things, there’s still a barrier there. You can’t quite reach through and touch a person and feel their energy. Here you can. Theatre let’s you do that.

As children develop and seem to spend more and more time online. Working in real time with full sense data, being present and interacting with others seems to me to be more important than ever. That’s why we’ve recently banned mobile phones at SceneKunst during down time, to give students a complete break from their online lives.

And that’s why I’m happy and optimistic about the future of theatre. As technology takes more of a hold on our lives, keeping it real in the world of theatre seems to become ever more appealing and important.

See you there 🙂

Russell Collins