Blog from a very happy Scenekunst mom. Theodore started at Scenenkunst school in Hellerup 6 years ago. He started at the Miniskolen, which we were recommended by a friend who had a daughter that had been part of the Scenekunst family for some years. Theodore had for some years gone to rhythmic classes but I felt that it was not challenging him enough anymore. At Miniskolen he met other children that liked to express themselves through drama and music. Theodore had never danced before but Scenekunst has taught him that everybody can dance – you just need to practice.

What I thought most amazing was how even the smaller kids were taken seriously and were allowed to perform in both the Christmas performance and the yearly musicals. At the time when Theo started, they had their own show, with costumes and makeup. Today the kids from the Miniskolen participates in the yearly musical at Albertslunds Musik Teater. Today Theodore goes to Mellem holdet in Hovedskolen. It has been amazing to follow his journey to understand all the great things a musical contains such as drama, choreography, song, costumes, makeup and stage set up but also the hard work, practicing lines, songs, and dances at home and in class for the shows.


The yearly audition in October is not an audition, but a practice to audition. It is so fun and exciting to see how Theodore seriously selects the monologue and song that he will audition with. Especially the monologue, where he evaluates the level of complexity of the monologue, his competences and selects a monologue difficult enough but not impossible to learn. Then starts the practicing, where it is hard to remember lines, finally able to remember all the lines and then add drama with changes in voice, and moving around on the stage.

The best thing about Scenekunst is that it has taught Theodore to get on a stage and conquer the stage with comfort. Both at the Scenekunst but also at school. This year he was the conferencier at one of the school concerts. He conquered the stage with comfort, jokes to both parents and kids, and when he forgot the name of one of the musicians he eased over it with such a charm. These skills are something he has learned at SceneKunst. The skills that Theodore gets at SceneKunst also enhances his self- esteem and independence. I am so grateful for the skills and all the add-ons he gets from being at the SceneKunst school. 

Theo has played in

Jungle book

Alice in wonderland

Into the woods

Bugsy Malone

Alice in SceneKunstland



His roles started out with 1 or 2 lines and this summer when they played Mulan he was given a role where he had several lines and took part in several scenes. Needless to say, he had to practice both lines, songs, and dances, but also techniques in fighting as he was playing the evil Shan Yu and was fighting with sticks and fists.

When you ask Theo what’s the best thing about SceneKunst school, he says “there are three categories drama, dance, and singing but there should be a fourth, which is that you meet friends that have the same passion as you have.” It is not that easy for a boy to meet friends that have the same interest when it comes to drama and to be able to share this passion in such a developing environment.

As a mother, I am so grateful for everything it has done for Theo and our family.

Sandra Perlman Aisen